From Shipping Container To Portable Storage Container

Instead of renting shipping containers, you can also buy them. This means that you can keep the containers used to move your stuff. Turning your shipping containers into a portable storage container is a great idea. Doing so will help you to get the most out of what you pay. Click here moveablecontainer to know more idea about shipping containers. Using containers as a storing unit will cut costs significantly. Furthermore, your belongings will be kept safe and secure.

Here is a list of some helpful tips that you should consider first before using your shipping container as a portable storage container.

1. Method of Delivery. Before converting your shipping container as a storage unit, know what delivery method will be used. Your shipping container can be transported by trucks through roll off, or tilt bed and flatbed. If cost is your concern, opt for a flatbed truck over the tilt bed truck. However, a flatbed truck is not advisable if no forklift is available.

Portable Storage Container2. Secure Building Permits. Setting up a storage unit at home may require some building permits on particular locations. Although, there are areas that do not need permits. Check first through your local government whether or not you need to secure any building permits before placing your storage container on your property.

3. Concerns about Construction and Setting Up. Just like building a simple structure, setting up a portable storage container involves a couple of construction processes. First off, getting a container foundation may be a good idea to prolong the life of the storage unit. Laying the container on top of a foundation will give enough space for ventilation and drainage.

Furthermore, the container foundation will prevent corrosion, termites and moisture seepage on the underside of the portable container. Proper ventilation is a feature that is highly recommended for the container. Without it, harmful elements – such as condensation and moisture – may damage all the contents of the storage unit. It is always a good idea to consider installing a ventilation system inside the portable storage container. You can choose either a simple HVAC system or shipping container vents.

4. Be Aware of the Costs. If you choose to convert your old shipping container into a portable storage unit, you must be ready to shell out some money. There are certain costs you have to deal with. When buying a shipping container, choosing the cheapest one may not necessarily be the best thing to do. You have to consider high quality and durable containers that may come with a more expensive price.

Cheaper price for your containers may also equate with cheaper and low quality. When choosing the desired size for your shipping container, consider the one that will give you most value for your money. This means comparing the price per area, in square feet or square meters. Additionally, converting your shipping container as a storage unit may cost more than what you expect. If you want to set up the container properly, then materials and construction costs may arise.

5. Something New or Something Old? Buying old shipping containers may cost less than buying new ones. However, there are a lot of differences between new and old containers aside from the price. Quality, for example, is highly important especially if you intend to keep the container as a portable storage unit. You would want your container to be durable enough to last a long period of time.

6. Consider Safety and Security of your Belongings. Only new shipping containers come with their own locks – used containers do not. A lock increases the security for your container and its contents. It will make your container highly inaccessible.

Tips For The First Time Keynote Speaker

Is it your first time to be a keynote speaker?

You might be really nervous deep inside, but that nervousness does not have to show. There are things that you can do in order to ensure that your stint as a keynote speaker will turn out great.

We at encounter many speakers from different parts of the world, mostly amateurs who are nervous about doing their first speaking gig. We tell them that the jitters are a part of the experience, and they should not let it control their speech. Aside from this, we also give them useful tips which they can use before, during, and after they have done their job as a keynote speaker.

Here are just some of the tips that we give which can be useful for you.

• Think positively.

Motivational speakersPositive visualization has helped a lot of speakers in the past to get over their anxieties and actually deliver an effective speech. Regardless if you are a Zen master or not, there are numerous studies which support the claim that positive visualization can definitely turn your mindset around into thinking that you will be great. If you keep on telling yourself that you will be great, then there is a great chance that that is exactly what is going to happen in your presentation. Therefore, instead of thinking that your speech will end terribly, try telling yourself over and over that you are going to be great, imagining all the while that you will have people laughing at your jokes and that you will be presenting your topic with an enthusiasm that matches the ones that famous comedians have.

• Stop telling yourself that you know everything, because you don’t.

At the end of the day, regardless of how much you study, you will only learn enough, and “enough” is not equal to “all”. Only a handful of presenters are actually willing to concede to the fact that they do not know everything, since they believe that this will undermine their credibility. However, we all know that no one can truly know everything about anything, so what use does it have to hold on to the belief that you know everything about your topic? If someone asks you a question whose answer you are unsure of, it is okay to admit you do not know instead of blabbing on and on. In fact, this might also increase your credibility since it will give your audience the impression that even as an expert, you are still learning with them.

• Take Deep Breaths.

This very old technique is still being used by speakers around the world because its benefits are true. When people are nervous, their muscles tend to be tense, and they unconsciously hold their breaths. However, instead of giving in to that behavior, take deep breaths and let the oxygen do its job of relaxing your body.

• Smile.

Smiling increases your endorphin levels, which is the hormone needed for positive thinking. This will not only elicit positive thoughts, but it will also help you feel more at east about your presentation. Smiling will also boost your confidence and will make your audience think of you as an enthusiastic person.

• Engage your audience too.

Motivational speakerPeople also have thoughts and experiences they would like to share with you, and most of the time, speeches like the one you will give tend to be one sided. This is why we recommend to our speaker friends that they should give the audience an opportunity to voice out their thoughts by making them participate in the discussion more actively.

• Keep in mind that audiences are people too.

Probably one of the most overbearing thoughts that a keynote speaker can have is that their audience might laugh at their mistakes. If you come to think about it, if you are an audience yourself, would you secretly wait for a speaker to fail? Surely you will not, as would 99% of the people in your audience. You have to remember that the audience are composed of people from all walks of life, and there is a huge chance that they will completely understand what it feels like to stand in front of a lot of people and be nervous about it. If you ever get nervous, remind yourself that you are talking to people who understand what you are going through and who actually want to see you succeed.

Women’s Golf Shirts: A Brief Swing In History

Golf is widely stereotyped as a gentleman’s sport due to its origins. However a great number of women not just those belonging in high-class societies have also been playing golf throughout the history. Unlike men, golf shirt in women have a different story.

 A Brief Swing In History Of Golf Shirts : 

Golf shirtsCall it unfair but things between men and women didn’t start out on the same footing. Out of the many things and issues, the focus here is luckily on golf shirts. Since the introduction of golf to the United States and Canada in the 1870’s, country clubs began spreading and golf courses were a popular place for both young men and women to meet. A prim sartorial sense was therefore necessary. Nobody would see a golfer in shabby clothes. In the 1890’s women wore at least an ankle-length skirt and a long sleeve blouse. When swinging the club, women often caught their skirts with it and the tight sleeves made a full shoulder swing difficult and uncomfortable. Burberry revived the skirt that could be raised at least eight inches from the ground by simply pulling a string.

In the early 1900’s, it was a standard for women to wear a blouse, jacket and still, a skirt for playing golf. Knit cardigans gradually replaced jackets. In the twenties, pleated skirts were the favorite golf attire among women. So in the early twenties, women commonly wore straight or pleated skirts, blouses with collars underneath sweaters or long sleeve blouse with collar underneath knit vests when playing golf. Also at this time, women began wearing patterned stockings. By 1921, some women were starting to wear knickerbockers or knickers, but many country clubs across United States and Canada prohibited this dress code. In the mid twenties one-piece golf dresses for women became so popular that it had continued as a favorite staple for three decades. This frock became ideal for active sports.

Golf apparelUntil the thirties and the forties, frocks or one-piece golf dresses were developed more style and pattern. Sleeves were short this time and frocks were made with pockets. Rayon, instead of cotton, began to be used. Often secured by a belt around the waist, the length of the skirt still remained at least below the knees. Throughout the fifties and the sixties, women went back to wearing long sleeved blouse underneath sweaters. But it became increasingly proper and acceptable for women to wear short sleeve blouse and even Bermuda shorts. The hemline for skirts became higher and higher until it leveled above the knee and skorts — a skirt with shorts underneath help women get comfortable and still be covered up.

In the eighties and the nineties, a lot of women made a transition from skirts to slacks and shorts. Once in a while sleeveless frocks are worn in the golf course. Nowadays the dress code is not as restrictive as it used to. Color isn’t gender specific anymore. There is a wide range of comfortable women’s golf shirt, like sleeveless polo shirts that can be paired with shorts or skorts.

GolfWhen shopping for women’s golf shirts, your query can be divided into brand price & clothing style such as sleeveless, short sleeves, V-Neck, Polo. Plus-size golf shirts for women are also available. Nowadays for serious golf players, golf shirts isn’t just about formality, it’s about style, technicality and comfort. Clothing makers offer fast-drying, odor-free shirts that have UV protection. Some are even wind-proof and waterproof to maintain an internal temperature. Undergarments from special sportswear makers are also prepared in conjunction with their golf shirts. Most sporting undergarments are made seamless, odor-repellant, fast-drying and elastic. The great thing about women’s golf shirt is that it can be worn all year-round and not just for playing golf.

Article writing and how much it has changed the online landscape

It comes as no question that online Article writing has become one of the most lucrative ways to earn money.

Articles DirectoriesConsiderably, it is something that anyone with a computer and access to the internet can do. It requires nothing more than writing skills and a strong interest in reading and learning new things on a daily basis. There are students, stay-at-home-parents, and even people with full-time jobs who are churning out articles daily for that extra cash they need.

Experience and opinions vary when it comes to Article writing, especially when it comes to online articles. However, there are key points that can be considered as helpful thoughts on the subject:

  1. The internet opens up a large, virtual library on any topic imaginable – online article writers are fortunate to have the internet on their side. With certain advancements in the online world research on very broad to very specific topics have been made easily accessible to those looking for pointers or, at the very least, inspiration.
  2. Article writing gives beginning writers good practice – whether a person is a journalist or a budding novelist, creating material for online content is a good way to stretch their writing muscles and give them a chance to sharpen their skills. Writing is, what many people consider, a round the clock job. Content creation helps writers of all color and craft become better every day by making that word count.
  3. It is virtually an unlimited pool of income – as mentioned earlier, whether someone is a stay-at-home parent or a breadwinner with a nine-to-five job, this occupation taps into another pool of income that can, for example, help someone save up for that dream vacation or a romantic night out with a significant other. There virtually is no downside to online writing because a writer has full control of his or her schedule; and with article assignments that come in a range of topics and compensation, all a person needs to do is simply dedicate an hour or two of his or her time for an article.
  4. Finding a place to write is as simple as clicking a link – what is perhaps one of the most rewarding benefits of online writing is the number of sites that provide this service. From sites looking for writers that are good at corporate articles to those that are more within the spectrum of general information or creative writing, potential writers can explore these sites and find the perfect place to fit in no sooner than they expect.
  5. It is work that can be taken anywhere – since the dawn of smart phones and tablets, taking work anywhere is easy. Online article writing is no exception. Experienced online writers have found ways to make their work easier by creating drafts of their writing and then posting them later on. Some even post their assignments on the go. It is one of the wonderful things that are drawing people to this occupation. Not only does this give writers control over their time, but it also allows them to pick an assignment or submit an article anywhere they are.

Sentence-DoctorWhatever anyone’s reason may be for writing articles online, it remains to be one of the most sought after jobs for years. An internet connection is all that a writer needs as well as a deep interest in learning new things. Every day, writing sites are uploaded with a fresh batch of articles on any topic imaginable; and every day, new writers sign up to these sites to open up new avenues in their personal lives or even their careers.