Tips For The First Time Keynote Speaker

Is it your first time to be a keynote speaker?

You might be really nervous deep inside, but that nervousness does not have to show. There are things that you can do in order to ensure that your stint as a keynote speaker will turn out great.

We at encounter many speakers from different parts of the world, mostly amateurs who are nervous about doing their first speaking gig. We tell them that the jitters are a part of the experience, and they should not let it control their speech. Aside from this, we also give them useful tips which they can use before, during, and after they have done their job as a keynote speaker.

Here are just some of the tips that we give which can be useful for you.

• Think positively.

Motivational speakersPositive visualization has helped a lot of speakers in the past to get over their anxieties and actually deliver an effective speech. Regardless if you are a Zen master or not, there are numerous studies which support the claim that positive visualization can definitely turn your mindset around into thinking that you will be great. If you keep on telling yourself that you will be great, then there is a great chance that that is exactly what is going to happen in your presentation. Therefore, instead of thinking that your speech will end terribly, try telling yourself over and over that you are going to be great, imagining all the while that you will have people laughing at your jokes and that you will be presenting your topic with an enthusiasm that matches the ones that famous comedians have.

• Stop telling yourself that you know everything, because you don’t.

At the end of the day, regardless of how much you study, you will only learn enough, and “enough” is not equal to “all”. Only a handful of presenters are actually willing to concede to the fact that they do not know everything, since they believe that this will undermine their credibility. However, we all know that no one can truly know everything about anything, so what use does it have to hold on to the belief that you know everything about your topic? If someone asks you a question whose answer you are unsure of, it is okay to admit you do not know instead of blabbing on and on. In fact, this might also increase your credibility since it will give your audience the impression that even as an expert, you are still learning with them.

• Take Deep Breaths.

This very old technique is still being used by speakers around the world because its benefits are true. When people are nervous, their muscles tend to be tense, and they unconsciously hold their breaths. However, instead of giving in to that behavior, take deep breaths and let the oxygen do its job of relaxing your body.

• Smile.

Smiling increases your endorphin levels, which is the hormone needed for positive thinking. This will not only elicit positive thoughts, but it will also help you feel more at east about your presentation. Smiling will also boost your confidence and will make your audience think of you as an enthusiastic person.

• Engage your audience too.

Motivational speakerPeople also have thoughts and experiences they would like to share with you, and most of the time, speeches like the one you will give tend to be one sided. This is why we recommend to our speaker friends that they should give the audience an opportunity to voice out their thoughts by making them participate in the discussion more actively.

• Keep in mind that audiences are people too.

Probably one of the most overbearing thoughts that a keynote speaker can have is that their audience might laugh at their mistakes. If you come to think about it, if you are an audience yourself, would you secretly wait for a speaker to fail? Surely you will not, as would 99% of the people in your audience. You have to remember that the audience are composed of people from all walks of life, and there is a huge chance that they will completely understand what it feels like to stand in front of a lot of people and be nervous about it. If you ever get nervous, remind yourself that you are talking to people who understand what you are going through and who actually want to see you succeed.

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