Women’s Golf Shirts: A Brief Swing In History

Golf is widely stereotyped as a gentleman’s sport due to its origins. However a great number of women not just those belonging in high-class societies have also been playing golf throughout the history. Unlike men, golf shirt in women have a different story.

 A Brief Swing In History Of Golf Shirts : 

Golf shirtsCall it unfair but things between men and women didn’t start out on the same footing. Out of the many things and issues, the focus here is luckily on golf shirts. Since the introduction of golf to the United States and Canada in the 1870’s, country clubs began spreading and golf courses were a popular place for both young men and women to meet. A prim sartorial sense was therefore necessary. Nobody would see a golfer in shabby clothes. In the 1890’s women wore at least an ankle-length skirt and a long sleeve blouse. When swinging the club, women often caught their skirts with it and the tight sleeves made a full shoulder swing difficult and uncomfortable. Burberry revived the skirt that could be raised at least eight inches from the ground by simply pulling a string.

In the early 1900’s, it was a standard for women to wear a blouse, jacket and still, a skirt for playing golf. Knit cardigans gradually replaced jackets. In the twenties, pleated skirts were the favorite golf attire among women. So in the early twenties, women commonly wore straight or pleated skirts, blouses with collars underneath sweaters or long sleeve blouse with collar underneath knit vests when playing golf. Also at this time, women began wearing patterned stockings. By 1921, some women were starting to wear knickerbockers or knickers, but many country clubs across United States and Canada prohibited this dress code. In the mid twenties one-piece golf dresses for women became so popular that it had continued as a favorite staple for three decades. This frock became ideal for active sports.

Golf apparelUntil the thirties and the forties, frocks or one-piece golf dresses were developed more style and pattern. Sleeves were short this time and frocks were made with pockets. Rayon, instead of cotton, began to be used. Often secured by a belt around the waist, the length of the skirt still remained at least below the knees. Throughout the fifties and the sixties, women went back to wearing long sleeved blouse underneath sweaters. But it became increasingly proper and acceptable for women to wear short sleeve blouse and even Bermuda shorts. The hemline for skirts became higher and higher until it leveled above the knee and skorts — a skirt with shorts underneath help women get comfortable and still be covered up.

In the eighties and the nineties, a lot of women made a transition from skirts to slacks and shorts. Once in a while sleeveless frocks are worn in the golf course. Nowadays the dress code is not as restrictive as it used to. Color isn’t gender specific anymore. There is a wide range of comfortable women’s golf shirt, like sleeveless polo shirts that can be paired with shorts or skorts.

GolfWhen shopping for women’s golf shirts, your query can be divided into brand price & clothing style such as sleeveless, short sleeves, V-Neck, Polo. Plus-size golf shirts for women are also available. Nowadays for serious golf players, golf shirts isn’t just about formality, it’s about style, technicality and comfort. Clothing makers offer fast-drying, odor-free shirts that have UV protection. Some are even wind-proof and waterproof to maintain an internal temperature. Undergarments from special sportswear makers are also prepared in conjunction with their golf shirts. Most sporting undergarments are made seamless, odor-repellant, fast-drying and elastic. The great thing about women’s golf shirt is that it can be worn all year-round and not just for playing golf.

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